Acceptance Speech of Home Minister Vishwamitra

It is an honour to be appointed as the Home Minister of Alt Sarkar. I thank Hon’ble PM Vidyut for reposing faith in me. I will work steadfastly to rise to the expectations of the people of the country. I will be guided in my duties by the approach of the first Home Minister of India – Sardar Patel. Sardar Patel recognised the necessity of adequate allowance for provincial susceptibilities, especially in a country inhabited by multicultural communities. India is a diverse country , with different aspirations of people living in different states. A one-size-fits-all approach does not suffice to respond with adequate sensitivity and effectiveness over such diversity, creating disquiet amongst the people. India is a Federal Country and not unitary. There is opportunity to have a very nuanced engagement. My approach as the Home Minister will be to follow the Constitution of India in Letter & Spirit. My immediate focus is to allay the fears of the Minority communities in India . In any country, the faith and confidence of the minorities in the functioning of the State in an impartial manner is an acid test of its being a just State. I am giving instructions to the Para-Military forces and advisory to all the State Governments to ensure that strict action is taken against those who spread hatred and communal feelings in the society. Incitement to cause harm to fellow citizens is not compatible with the internal security of the nation. Home Ministry will bring to the Cabinet a detailed proposal to win back the trust of people living in Kashmir and to review the decisions taken by Modi Government to unilaterally change the status under article 370. Our Government believes that no decision can be taken in a democratic country without holding discussion with the people and all the stake-holders . Excesses by some members of the security forces have been repeatedly flagged as a concern. This alienates the people, works against India’s purpose in the region and makes the task of security harder. I assure the people of India, that there will be no excesses by the security forces and there will be rule of law and the Constitution of India will be followed in letter and spirit. Thank you!

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