Acceptance speech of R Saroja as Minister of Science & tech in Alt Sarkar

I thank Alt PM Vidyut for giving me the Science and Technology portfolio. Our government is committed to sustainable, decentralized development. But Science is not merely a tool to deliver development. It is a way of life. Though we have one of the largest pool of Engineers and Scientists in the world, the quality is not uniformly good. We shall explore the prospects of top institutions like IITs teaching through video conferencing. Some of their courses are already available on net. With Alt HRD minister, we shall promote understanding based teaching and evaluation in schools and colleges that discourages rote learning. Quality Research & Development is the key. In the recent past, on the name of Science, dubious claims have been made about ancient India foreseeing all the present science. Many top scientists had returned their awards in protest. They will be invited to lead the fight against bigotry. The dignity of our science fora have been compromised by having speakers on topics like “Interplanetary planes in ancient India” thrust on them. This too shall be remedied. We will take steps to derecognize Homeopathy since it is a pseudo science. To those with degrees in Homeopathy, we will offer them a chance to study and acquire an alternate degree if they do wish. The Ministry of AYUSH will be incorporated as Department of Indian System of Medicine in the Ministry of Health. Alternate medical practices will be clinically evaluated and where successful, will be incorporated into regular medicine. The step of de recognizing Homeopathy is based on available scientific studies. There’ll be testing of other systems too as in the recent past many died after consuming lauki juice promoted by a Yoga practitioner. There is a need to monitor & regulate alternate medicine practice. In the popular imagination, Nuclear bomb is a glory. However, groups of Scientists, have been active in Nuclear Disarmament Movement. In the recent decades, some ex Servicemen have also joined the campaign. Through Doordarshan, we will take their message to the People. Science is International and goes beyond narrow National boundaries. As is exemplified by the Large Hadron Collider experiments which had Indian input too. Hence mainstreaming the Nuclear Disarmament Movement will help bring sanity to our collective macho self Jai Hind!

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