Acceptance Speech of Telecom Minister

It is an honour to be appointed as the Telecom Ministerof AltSarkar. I thank Hon’ble PM Vidyut
for reposing faith in me. I will work steadfastly to rise to the expectations of the people of the country.

The immediate task is to ensure that steps are taken to ensure that call drops are reduced . The Citizens are not happy with call drops and poor connectivity especially in mobile phones.

The aim of the National Telecom Policy has been equal playing field . Therefore, All the telecom operators would be treated equitably and uniformly

The aim of AltSarkar would be universal service to the Citizens. Both Urban & Rural areas are equally important . Hence, Bharat Net programme would be reviewed to expedite , broad connectivity in rural areas .

The decision to give to last mile connectivity & maintenance to a Private organisation CSC under Bharat net without tender would be reviewed

BSNL & MTNL have played an important role in ensuring affordable call rates and telecom access in rural areas (BSNL). Steps would be taken to ensure that they are financial viable .

TRAI the regularly body would be strengthened with neutral telecom experts . There have been doubts on the independence and neutrality of TRAI.

The Telecom Sector is reeling under debt . Hence , a fresh approach would be required for 5G allocation . For quick introduction of 5G , the 5G could be allocated without licence fee but with higher revenue sharing

I assure the people of India, that Telecom services will be customer friendly and efficient and that there will be equal playing field for the Telecom operators, improvement in Telecom services and quick introduction of 5G services.
Thank you!

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