Announcements made by Alt Minister of Culture

Are you feeling like hitting ur friend/neighbour?
Has a WhatsApp message ruined your mood? Do you swing between ‘Kuch nahin ho sakta’ & ‘Maaro saalon ko’ thoughts? CultureMinistry will combat fake news’ that has led to hate, aggression and unhappiness around us. Tattva: a Centre Committed to Truth will operate soon from Pune. Its goals: Research into truth behind lies in circulation on various platforms. Encouraging art and culture for messages of social unity. Training & education against harmful messages. Tattva will be run by AltSarkar Culture ministry in active consultation with Education n I&B Ministry. Staff strength: 6. Two researchers, 2 cyber experts, and 2 members for communication &outreach. Posts will be advertised before the 30th of September. Artists, citizens groups & communicators can apply with proposals for public campaigns to highlight inclusive culture, expose falsehoods, & show how r cultural traditions have kept us together. A limited no. of grants are available, and Tattva will invite Crowdfunding. AltSarkar CultureMinistry and Tattva will collaborate with fact checking orgzns & publications to prevent duplication of labour and maximize efficiency. We will also create a network of volunteers in every district of the country for reporting & monitoring fake information. More details of our program at Tattva will follow in the coming weeks. We believe our society is not lacking in cultural values, but in danger of forgetting them. We will counter this, as Finland have done against Russia.

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