Acceptance Speech of Break Free as Alt Minister of Commerce & Industry

Trade is not war -it is one of the most effective ways to enhance peace, understanding and mutual prosperity, not only between nations but within a nation. For too long control of trade has been used by politicians to expand their dominion over their subjects. As incharge of commerce & industry in Alt Sarkar I shall be striving to unshackle the creativity of commerce from the death grip of neta-babus. For too long they’ve extorted in the name of “public good”,their jackbook on the neck of the shopkeeper,the street vendor,the entrepreneur. It is time finally to remove fear from wealth creation and achieve general affluence and confidence that comes with liberty. It is time to leave “developing” behind and make prosperity normal.

You work to support yourself and your loved ones, not to feed the permanent parasites of power. My job is to remove the mountains of hurdles they have placed in your way, not put new ones. I thank Alt-PM Vidyut for the trust. Thank you.

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