Acceptance Speech of Kirti Deolekar as Minister of Textiles

I am extremely honoured & humbled to be chosen for the Ministry of Textiles.

Respected PM Vidyut ji I assure you of my services towards looking after this key sector. I vow to work to the best of my capabilities & seek your guidance in this pivotal and fulfilling task. My immediate concern being, a third of textile work force glaring at job loss. Textiles & readymade garments’ exports¬† have witnessed a fall for being not competitive enough, whereas Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka have low production cost & lesser trade barriers. Excess spinning capacity in India & poor demand for yarn from overseas markets is resulting in accumulation of large stocks & liquidity crisis. Indian textile exports are overdependent on cotton casual wear. It needs to increase its production of MMF based apparels & engage in quicker deliveries to revive exports. The slowdown in textile industry, which employs almost 10 cr people directly & indirectly & accounts for 2% of GDP,¬† has resulted in closure of ginning, spinning, handloom , etc. units. Textiles have a lot of legacy problems stemming from our inability to reconcile the interests of various stakeholders in the industry from cotton growing farmers, to industry tycoons, from spinning vs weaving vs cloth manufacturing. PM Vidyutji is committed to getting politics out of the textile industry & facilitating a reconciliation of the interests of all stake holders with emphasis on our long term interests. Sustainable fashion alone may not be enough! With a consolidated plan, I will be running/consulting/convincing/ begging to the Finance Minister for help on an urgent basis. I shall be detailing these steps as we go forward. Our goal would be to emerge as world champions in the international markets in textiles. Textile recycling, for environmental & economic benefits will be given special attention. Used clothing, footwear, leather, wool, other textile waste, so on & so forth. Won’t go into specifics as of now. Also won’t waste time giving big talks, …..oops, the intro has become lengthy already. Will listen to all genuine suggestions from fantastic people. Yes, we do listen!! It’s a people’s government. Finally a touch of humour & satire ..In the current scenario…If we don’t laugh, we will stop breathing…. (to be continued)….. Innerwear sales reveal a slowdown. Briefly speaking, our country is facing economic crisis. A fall in the underwear index is not just a metric of the performance of the economy. It is looking like a conversational metaphor as well. So what do we do? PM won’t make an emotional appeal to the rich to wear one underwear on top of the other, in short, double the consumption, to help revive our textile industry. Such gimmicks are not here to this spoof Govt.We promise to make you wish we were true . The end

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