President’s Speech on becoming The Alt President of India

It’s an honour to be President of this great nation. I thank you for this opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you on this occasion. While we have a rich history in our past, that we often take pride in, I’d like us to reflect on where we stand today, and what we see as our vision for India of the future. A journey all of us need to travel together. I emphasize the word “together”. So where do we stand today? The need of the hour is of a prosperous, inclusive, progressive India. Prosperous, cos we need everyone to live a decent std of living. Inclusive, cos India belongs to EVERY Indian. Progressive, cos we need to move with the times. In addition, there’s a need to respect our core constitutional values, as enshrined in the Preamble to the Constitution. Justice, Liberty and Equality of Opportunity. These are non-negotiable, and need to be guarded at all times. This then is also the vision that I would like to aspire towards, for the future of India. I hope all of you share this vision, and that we will work together to achieve it. I now invite Vidyut, the Prime Minister of Alt Sarkar to take charge and address the nation. I wish her, and her team, all success in discharge of their functions. Thank you.

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