Acceptance speech of R Saroja as Minister of Science & tech in Alt Sarkar

I thank Alt PM Vidyut for giving me the Science and Technology portfolio. Our government is committed to sustainable, decentralized development. But Science is not merely a tool to deliver development. It is a way of life. Though we have one of the largest pool of Engineers and Scientists in… Continue reading

Acceptance Speech of Ashok Swain as Defence Minister of Alt Sarkar

Honored to be appointed as Defense Minister in Alt Sarkar cabinet. Respected Prime Minister, thank you for your trust in giving me this responsibility. India needs peace to develop & flourish. A strong & professional military can help to preserve peace. As Defense Minister in Alt Sarkar, will strive towards… Continue reading

Acceptance Speech of Preeti Sharma Menon as Education/HRD Minister

I am honoured to be chosen for the Ministry of Human Resource Development. Respected PM Vidyut ji my first step is to stop harnessing citizens as fodder to corporate India but to provide education. Hence I propose the portfolio be rename Ministry of Education. Free quality school education is the… Continue reading